surfswap: a new generation of rider

deus has to say: in bali surfing & motorbikes have always been fused together. in the early days surfers only access to remote breaks, other than on foot, was on 2 stroke trail bike. we are united in our belief that modern motorcycling & surfing have been hijacked by marketing forces & we harbour a desire to introduce a new generation of rider.

in the true spirit of all things recycled, a crew of vintage surf buffs will be swarming in on all sorts of crazy wheels (skatey, roadster, pushy, shaggin wagon) to the deus surfswap 3 event 09.10.10 sydney nsw.  join surfaid, who will be rocking up in that iconic rusty single cab kombi, to mingle & get their swap on.

of course it wouldn’t be surf, it wouldn’t be uber hippie cool, it wouldn’t be the bali mindset if we didn’t throw in a little alby love, mr falzone himself will be attending, stocked full of morning of the earth surfboards & collectibles. if you’re here or there, you can still appreciate the mastermind, so kick back & get down to simple ben.

bonus: if bali is on your list of turn ons, check out the deus sunset session round 2: 08/10/10.  also, the groms are ripping it up at the oakley world pro junior event over in falzone’s lost paradise. oakley’s press had to say: ‘generation next’ again raised the high performance bar, dishing out a new-age flavour of progressive surfing in the peaky conditions on offer.

did we forget to say mr worthington will be gracing us with his presence at deus 3?  nothin wrong with some artistic genius.

(photo from jeff devine: mr fitzgerald & worthington’s famous collaborations)



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