evolve: dilemma to design

in 1971 ‘modern world’ magazine had a young man on the cover with the title, ‘new! surfboard design contest!’ that young chap was simon anderson who would become the household name for the ’eureka moment’ of revolutionary board engineering.   flash forward to 2010 & simon is celebrating 3 decades of ‘thruster design’.  this mag cover will be one of many unique & historical images to be included in the highly anticipated new book from surfingworld mag; wait for it… “thrust”!

“thrust” author,  & another household name in surf culture, tim baker, had to say, “simon’s story neatly mirrors the evolution of modern surfing – from longboards to short, singles to twins to thrusters, aussie titles to the pro tour. still in demand as a shaper to the world’s best surfers, simon continues to influence the course of surfing history.”

“simon, being the big bloke that he was, couldn’t effectively use the twin fin” (gary mcnabb – nectar surfboards)… check out this mini tribute to a man that changed dilemma to design.

also mirroring “the evolution of modern surfing” simon is a strong believer of coastal protection, & is joining surfrider foundation australia in celebration.  SFA is officially on countdown until the 2010 national conference: we love waves.  friday 19.11.10 hosts kickoff to a three day gathering of passionate & dedicated oceanics.

simon & tim are proudly joining sfa who will be hosting the 30th anniversary party of the genius design at none other then north narrabeen beach slsc.   

if your not in aus you can still do your part.  go find your local surfrider foundation chapter & check out what they have going on, they seem to have their hands in the best cookie jars when it comes to happenings, & the beach could always use just a little more love…


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