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11.11.11 one day on earth

we are so very thrilled to welcome one day on earth to lhp’s grassroots collective!

founded in 2008, odoe set out to explore our planet’s identity & challenges in an attempt to answer the question: who are we?  by creating a picture of humanity through recording a 24-hour period throughout every country in the world, we are exploring a greater diversity of perspectives than ever seen before on screen. we are empowering the future’s vision of history.

through our support & collaboration with this amazing project, lhp is available for filmmakers, musicians, artists, travelers, orgs & the like that are interested in getting involved, would like to collaborate with other members of our collective or simply gain some guidance in their independent process.  in fact, anyone can contribute, anyone can be part of leaving behind a beautiful image of our global culture…

for more information or assistance in getting involved feel free to contact us at

keep an eye out for the premiere of one day on earth’s 10.10.10 film!

profound whatever

jl:  if you look long enough… all answers are in it, the same with the music.

i met the walrus had to say: in 1969, a 14-year-old beatle fanatic named jerry levitan snuck into john lennon’s hotel room in toronto & convinced him to do an interview. 38 years later, levitan, director josh raskin & illustrators james braithwaite & alex kurina have collaborated to create an animated short film using the original interview recording as the soundtrack. a spellbinding vessel for lennon’s boundless wit & timeless message, i met the walrus was nominated for the 2008 academy award for animated short & won the 2009 emmy for ‘new approaches’ (making it the first film to win an emmy on behalf of the internet).

go get originally creative.


16 marvel street byron bay: be inspired to be inspiring

in & out of gathering mayhem, calling a tea tree plantation our playground for the 6 days & nights, lots of mud & some music acts to last a lifetime, lhp is at the east coast blues & roots fest in byron bay, australia.  we are here to check out the world’s 3rd largest festival’s environmental approach, with a little cherry on top in the form of acts such as b.b. king, grace jones & bob dylan – not too shabby.  yet, what we have found away from the crowds, away from the loudspeakers & away from self concern, is inspiration in the form of a yard sale.

last week, a fire in an apartment building in paris took the lives of 5 university students one of which was byron bay’s louise brown.

lousie ventured to paris to study international law & international relations, on her way to making the world a better place, as many of us so wish we had the humility & strength to pursue.

‘it seems as if she was an exemplarily product of this place,’ referring to what it is that makes byron…byron, environmental activist, recently retired greens politician & byron bay local: ian cohen, reflects on the general response her home town has been voicing in their mourning.

‘louise didn’t have time to speak poorly about people, she would just laugh & walk away. she was truly the most beautiful person.’ dear friend, carly pascoe, remembers louise’s inspirational approach to…life.

friends gathered this weekend to host a collaborative yard sale in the efforts to fundraise to keep louise’s dream alive. the goal is in the direction of establishing a foundation that will support young individuals to pursue education & dreams as louise had, simply – to make a difference.  it is clear louise surrounded herself with beautiful souls.

in byron? have a hop, skip & a jump over to 16 marvel st to pick yourself up something snazzy to wear to the festival!  elsewhere in aus? you can make a donation to a dedicated account byron bay’s common ground has set up.

if you’re floating around the world, be inspired to be inspiring. take a moment & think about the time you have to speak poorly about someone, how your every action might be a positive influence & appreciate the beautiful souls you surround yourself with.

we proudly support this passionate group in their mission to see this young woman’s vision realized & look forward to sharing future happenings from louise’s legacy.